Birthday Greeting Card – a Personal Way to Connect with Clients

To many of us who own businesses the idea of sending out personalized birthday cards to our clients would seem like a colossal waste of time.  The idea of keeping track of birthdays, taking the time to write an original message, and send it out in the mail can be daunting, especially if there is no real way to keep track of ROI (return of investment).

If you are in the medical field, i.e. chiropractor, dentist, physiotherapist, or any niche where storing a customer’s birth date is part of the norm, it may be a good idea to look into sending out personalized birthday cards.  Let’s face it, most people like to be acknowledged on their birthday.  Just spend some time on Facebook, and see how many birthday wishes are exchanged.

Our family each gets a personalized birthday card from our Chiropractor.  It has a personal message and sometimes a copy of their latest newsletter.  We have always enjoyed receiving this card, and on many occasions, one of the kids would ask “hey, where’s Dr. Dean’s card”.  You see, in our case, Dr. Dean has taken the time to make each one of us feel special.  While can’t say it’s the reason we have been seeing him for the last 15 years, I will say that it’s one of the reasons we like him and enjoy a certain familiarity when we go to see him.

From a business perspective, I believe that sending an annual birthday card to your clients is a wise investment of time and resources.  Not only does it show that you care about them, it gives you the opportunity to send out a newsletter, or update about your services.


It is usually stated that humans are mostly social creatures. The connections that we hold with each other are made stronger through communicating our thoughts and feelings. The need to communicate with people has seen us invent a number of ways we can use to project our emotions and even narrow down the physical and emotions space between us. The greeting cards and the internet are some of the services conceived with communication and enrichment of human interaction in mind. The difference in the way each service helps us connect to each other has some arguing that one service is killing out the other. Here is how the internet has affected the greeting card business:
How Fast Can You Send It
Consider the days of pen pals and having to rely on the post office to deliver for your card and you will understand why patience was a virtue. The internet came along and now not only are people who are geographically apart virtually following each other but they are also talking in real time. This is one of the challenges that traditional greeting cards have a problem stepping up to. The situation has contributed to some businesses having to lay off their workers as the demand for greeting cards decrease. These businesses are even forced to embrace the internet and have products like E-cards and applications to make E-cards in an effort to remain in business.
The Drop in Card Prices
Some firms that have been producing greeting cards for years have been forced to drop the prices their products in order to encourage sales for these items.
Advocacy for Greener Solutions in Business
Traditionally most greeting cards that you would find on the market were made out of paper. There has been social awareness growing up on the internet with many companies drumming up support for more eco-friendly products. This has resulted in some of the organizations that manufacture paper based greeting cards changing to new innovative products like the E-cards for example which save trees.
The greeting card industry has faced milestones due to the internet. Adopting new ways like E-cards while still preserving the more traditional paper cards has seen them through this social media age.


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How You Can Use Greeting Cards As Advertising

Corporate greeting cards may be just the thing your business needs to get ahead in today’s super competitive business environment. These little cards can make a big impression and can really let your clients, customers, vendors and business contacts know that you are constantly thinking about them. Here are some marketing reasons to send greeting cards, who to send them to and how they can help you achieve your business marketing goals.
Marketing is an important feature of any business and sending the important people you work with corporate greeting cards goes a long way in marketing your business. For starters these cards show a personal touch and that you are a warm and caring company that really puts the client first. It is just one small way that your company can go above and beyond. These cards can let your customers know you are thinking of them and also give your company an opportunity to stay in your clients mind. You can literally show your customers you appreciate their business, remind them of you as a way to get more business and share any new developments, products or services you are offering. To use cards for marketing purposes, make sure to include your business card inside, a brochure of any new products or services and a call to action such as directing them to your Web site to learn about a new program.
You can even send several greeting cards a year for different occasions. The main time of year businesses think of sending out cards is around the Christmas holiday. Above is a personalized fun Corporate Christmas Card I received from GTA Toronto Pest Control in Vaughan, Ontario Christmas greeting cards are a great option, but think about all the other opportunities that you can send cards for as well. Remember that every time you send a card to a client you are reminding them of your business. You don’t want to send too many or that would be considered annoying, but some other good occasions besides the Christmas holiday includes birthdays or anniversaries and other holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving. Another great opportunity is to send a card commemorating your company’s successful year and thanking clients for their support at the end of your year. Also, if you are working with a customer on a specific project, you can send a thank you card at the end of the project. Additionally, if you hear that a customer has moved send a congratulatory card. If you do send out Christmas cards, be politically correct and send out cards for the appropriate holiday to the appropriate customer. To be safe you could opt for New Year’s cards rather than a Christmas or Hanukkah card.
Keep in mind when sending greeting cards that you want to make sure they are a proper representation of your business. This means they should be of the utmost quality. Make sure they are printed on thick card stock, with bold writing that is clear and easy to read, and that the visuals properly represent your company. The message should also be completely personalized to really show your customers, clients, vendors and business associates how you feel about them and your level of commitment to making them a top priority. Don’t send out bulk cards to multiple customers. Instead make sure that each card is unique to each of your clients. It will also further personalize your corporate greeting cards if you have several people who work with the client sign the card including upper management. Encourage staff to write personal messages and you will be sure to stick out in your client’s mind.
Corporate greeting cards if done right can go a long way in showing you care and, humanizing your company and marketing your business. Plus the cost is low and can be successfully done several times throughout the year with little effort on your part.

The Beauty of Greeting Cards

Greeting cards in some form or another have been around for centuries. They are a way to express your feelings to someone, and let them know you are thinking of them.   Hours are spent at card shops choosing just the right words and pictures to get their message across.  A husband on his anniversary, or if he forgot a birthday, a friends wedding, birth of a child, get well, just thinking of you, and let’s not forget the holidays!  Greeting cards is big business.  If used correctly, they can also be a great way to market your business.
On this site, we will give you some ideas on how to use personalized greeting cards to reach out to your current and new customers.

Everyone is familiar with the standard company Christmas card, and in my opinion, too familiar that it becomes an expectation, and barely looked at.  On the other hand, a personalized Valentine’s day card from your local painting contractor, or window washing company with a special offer, may just grab your attention.  I’m not talking about a post card, I’m suggesting a real honest to goodness greeting card with envelope and stamp, maybe even hand written address.

There is a moment of joy and excitement when you receive a card in the mail.  Capitalizing on this moment in marketing your product or service by greeting cards, may have more effect than traditional flyers that more often than not get thrown away.

Send a Greeting on St. Patrick’s Day!

Here is a great card sent out last St. Patrick’s day by Demolition Company Toronto.  Note that they used a least common occasion to remind customers that they are around.  To mitigate the cost of this campaign, they partnered up with a local pub and offered a free pint as a bonus.