It is usually stated that humans are mostly social creatures. The connections that we hold with each other are made stronger through communicating our thoughts and feelings. The need to communicate with people has seen us invent a number of ways we can use to project our emotions and even narrow down the physical and emotions space between us. The greeting cards and the internet are some of the services conceived with communication and enrichment of human interaction in mind. The difference in the way each service helps us connect to each other has some arguing that one service is killing out the other. Here is how the internet has affected the greeting card business:
How Fast Can You Send It
Consider the days of pen pals and having to rely on the post office to deliver for your card and you will understand why patience was a virtue. The internet came along and now not only are people who are geographically apart virtually following each other but they are also talking in real time. This is one of the challenges that traditional greeting cards have a problem stepping up to. The situation has contributed to some businesses having to lay off their workers as the demand for greeting cards decrease. These businesses are even forced to embrace the internet and have products like E-cards and applications to make E-cards in an effort to remain in business.
The Drop in Card Prices
Some firms that have been producing greeting cards for years have been forced to drop the prices their products in order to encourage sales for these items.
Advocacy for Greener Solutions in Business
Traditionally most greeting cards that you would find on the market were made out of paper. There has been social awareness growing up on the internet with many companies drumming up support for more eco-friendly products. This has resulted in some of the organizations that manufacture paper based greeting cards changing to new innovative products like the E-cards for example which save trees.
The greeting card industry has faced milestones due to the internet. Adopting new ways like E-cards while still preserving the more traditional paper cards has seen them through this social media age.


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